Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Bayanzurkh district, 16th microdistrict, Mongol Khothon 66v-1 +976-77055532


High Bridge Finance LLC

Started: 2016 Active: 1 billion MNT       Location: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Ulaankhuaran-5  

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Indigo Kids Garden LLC

Indigo Kids kindergarten was established in June 2015 with 250 pupil capacity and 842 sq. m This year it's operating...

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Milano and Design Mongolia LLC

Started : 2014 Annual sales: 400 million MNT Location: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Misheel expo F-20 Official distributor of Italian luxury...

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Uguumur Mongol Group LLC

Started in: 2010 Annual sales: 2 billion MNT Total area: 610 sq. meters Location: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Ulaankhuaran Ulaankhuaran show...

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Uguumur Mongol LLC

Since 2008 started construction activities and finished Mongol Residential complex in 2017. Currently working on two projects Zuun khuree Sports...

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